Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Little more about us...

Deciding on a Care Center for your children is a very scary thing, I know. Will they hurt your children, will they scream or cuss them, will there be any "foul" play with them or will they even be "watched" at all.

Here at  ~The Christian Country Academy~ we give only kindness, attention and love to your children. Care and understanding are very important to us as also the nuture and correct development of your children while in our care.
The way we are to our children, the things we say to them, that is the way the will become. If you give no respect, kindness and Love, then you will not teach your children to respect others, show kindness to others and to Love others.

Our children are a product of their environment. Teach them respect and give them lots of love and understanding and they will learn to give love and understanding!

We are trying to help turn the vicious circle around and in a different direction here at our facility! We Love Children of all races and abilities as well as disabilities! Come on and give us a call and visit our place of business.

Thank you for allowing us to care and nurture your children as you go to your work place, to provide for your family.

~ Country Mama ~



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